In 2016 the Money Advice Service reported that 16 million people in the UK have less than £100 in savings. Many of these people have no savings at all. Not having a financial cushion can mean that people are forced into taking on high interest debt or visiting a food bank when even the smallest of financial shocks occurs.

In 2016 The Oxfam UK Poverty team partnered with CAST to develop a product that helps families on low incomes to build financial resilience. QuidsIn is the result of that work.


Comic Relief awarded funding to Oxfam to run a pilot of QuidsIn between May and July 2017. This is an early stage pilot that will enable us to get valuable insight so that we can ensure that the product is developed effectively.

The subsidised savings we provide to participants in this pilot stage comes from Comic Relief. We are working to develop a long-term financial model that will mean we can provide subsidised savings when QuidsIn is launched nationally.


"I’ve been living on benefits for a couple of years and even trying to hang on to a fiver is difficult. It was particularly tough last week which meant I couldn’t renew my prescription. Having a savings cushion would have helped with this. QuidsIn gives me a sense of control and makes being on benefits less stressful."
Vivienne, QuidsIn pilot participant

"There have been times in the past when unexpected costs have meant I couldn’t buy the food shop. Building up enough of a cushion to cover this would be really helpful. QuidsIn considers the fact that if you’re on benefits you do have money to spend albeit not a lot. People on benefits tend to get left out of savings products typically and it’s really good to be included."
Nikky, QuidsIn pilot participant

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